Data Repository install fails with error opening adminTools.log
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Data Repository install fails with error opening adminTools.log


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


A new Data Repository Vertica install for a DX NetOps Performance Management install is returning this error:

Creating Vertica database: testDB on host(s): <DBNodeName> using data directory: /opt/data and catalog directory: /opt/catalog
Error: there was a problem opening the log file.
Log file name: /opt/vertica/log/adminTools.log
Hint: this is often caused by a permissions error. Admintools should be run as the database administrator, and the log files must be writeable by the database administrator.
Creating Vertica database failed ........................................[FAIL]

Before that we also see the following error:

Invoking install_vertica...
/opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica_verify_libraries: /usr/lib64/ does not exist! Expecting to find this library since this is a FIPS system
/opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica: Cannot verify shared libraries


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases r21.2.6 and older


The database creation error is symptomatic of the Vertica software install step failing before the database creation attempt. The database will fail to be created if the Vertica install isn't completed without errors.

Red Hat 7.x system with FIPS enabled had a broken OpenSSL package installed.


Resolve the OS problems with missing libraries and the install will succeed.

For NetOps the installer should have exited when the Vertica install failed. It should not have continued and attempted to create the database in the face of the failed Vertica software install. To resolve that the was modified. As seen in the r21.2.6 Fixed Issues list DE520051 was submitted to engineering to resolve this. It states:

  • Symptom: When installing or upgrading Vertica and FIPS is enabled, the install_vertica script might complain about missing library. The script does not treat this as a failure, attempts to do the other configuration steps, and fails.
  • Resolution: With this fix, the script now states that the install_vertica script failed when it returns a non-zero exit code, and does not run the other configuration steps.
  • (21.2.6, DE520051, 32908317)