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Incorrect Date Format error with Portuguese locale


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Unable to change any dates using the Date picker in Clarity when the user locale is set to Portuguese (Portugal) or Portuguese


1. Go to Home > Resource Management > Resources
2. Pick any Resource and add a Date of Hire to 01/01/2021 and Date of Termination to 01/01/2025
3. Go to Home > Account Settings > Set the User Locale to Portuguese (Portugal)
4. Go to Home > Resource management > Resources and edit the same resource we modified
   Notice the format of the Date of Termination: 01-01-2025
5. Click on the Date picker
   Notice it displays November 2021 (The current month). It should display January 20225
6. Change the date to anything else
   Notice the format change: 15/11/2021
7. Click on Save

Expected results: Format to be respected and date change to be saved.
Actual results: You get an error: Incorrect date format.



The issue was due to a missing java parameter, which lead java to use newer standards for locale formats (unicode) instead of the legacy locale formats from java 8


This issue is not Clarity related, but environmental, client specific

Additional Information

This happens when using any Date picker anywhere on the application.

The Date formatting is taken from the file, located at  ${install.dir}\resource\gwtconstants\ directory