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LFSEncoding, Encoding' are deprecated and values will be ignored!


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


When LFSEncoding &  Encoding parameters are set in ENDEVOR.cfg, following message is issued:

WARN  (c.c.e.e.utils.CFGMapper) Following fields 'LFSEncoding, Encoding' are deprecated and values will be ignored!
(BTW ignored is spelt wrong)

But when these parameters are removed from ENDEVOR.cfg, the STC output still shows them, i.e.

<DataSource xmlns="" xmlns:cfg="" Name="ENDEVOR" Status="Available" Message="Splex
  Host title" Description="description">
   <STC JobName="jobname" ProgramName="BC1PAPI0" HostName="hostname" Comments="ENDEVOR STC" UserId="userid" Password="" EncryptedPasswor
 d="" PoolInitSize="0" PoolIncrSize="1" PoolMaxSize="20" PoolReapTime="300" UnusedTimeout="1200" AgedTimeout="0" ConnectionTimeout="3
 0" ResponseTimeout="0" KeepAlive="0" ConnectionMaxWS="0" ConnectionMaxKBytes="0" TypeCacheTimeout="600">
     <wsParameters Lang="EN" Locale="" TimeZone="GMT+0.0" CharacterSet="UTF-8" CodePage="cp01146" LFSEncoding="UTF-8" Encoding="cp037
 " ContentType="Text" Trace="0" Traced="USERID" Version="" Product=""/>


Release : 18.1

Component : BRIDGE FOR GIT


The 2 parameters (Encoding and LFSEncoding) are deprecated.


The 2 parameters (Encoding and LFSEncoding) are deprecated, there is no need to specify them, they have been replaced by Codepage and Charset parameters.
They only show up in the output if they are defined in the .cfg file, which was done to avoid a breaking change at the time of the deprecation of the 2 parameters. 
The parameters will be removed from the command output completely in a next solution or version.