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Unclassified WLM priority using WMACT command


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


I was researching a problem during high CPU utilization and my TSO ID was not responding. 

I went into RMF and could see that my ID was delayed 99% of the time. 

It was not from TSO, because my TSO ID is in a very high priority WLM Service Class. 

What was delayed was an Enclave for my ID. 

The ENCLAVE was falling into the SYSOTHER WLM Service Class. 

Can you tell me how to classify this in WLM? 



The Enclave that SYSVIEW creates is an independent Enclave and if the service class is not provided when it is being created it will inherit the service class of the creating address space.
While your TSO session is active If you change your TSO session service class via SYSVIEW it will not change the enclave service class.


Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


Since the created Enclave is an independent Enclave if the service class is not provided when it is created it will inherit the creating address spaces service class.
For example, if you start SYSVIEW via TSO and your service class was originally NPTSO, then the enclave created by SYSVIEW will be NPTSO. 
If you change your TSO session to SYSSTC, via SYSVIEW, it will not change the enclave service class until you bounce your SYSVIEW session so you would see your TSDBD in ACTIVITY as SYSSTC but your enclave would still be NPTSO.
There are a few ways you can control it.
1. Set SYSVUSER to SYSSTC via OPTIONS parm WLM-Service-Class.  Based on the capture you sent in I can see it is set to INTERFACE=MAIN, so removing the IF and ENDIF would allow all interfaces to be set to SYSSTC.  Then when using the VTAM interface you would always insure the enclave would be set to SYSSTC.
2. Have your TSO session set SYSSTC via WLM every time you logon, that way when you start your SYSVIEW session it should inherit SYSSTC from your TSO session.
3. Set your TSO session to SYSSTC via ACTIVITY display, then exit and reenter SYSVIEW.
4. Set yourself manually to SYSSTC on ACTIVITY then on WMENCLAV.

Additional Information

 Enclaves for DB2 distributed threads get assigned to the proper service classes but that's via the WLM DDF subsystem. 

There is no method to specify TSO subsystem enclaves.

Now all that you have to do is exit from Sysview and get back in.