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UIM Alarms are delayed in Spectrum Alarm Notifier with Spectrumgtw Probe 8.69


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CA Spectrum


UIM Alarms are delayed in reaching Spectrum Alarm Notifier





  • Engineering has identified that for the problematic alarms the Alarm Title received from the device/UIM to Spectrumgtw probe includes Vertical tab/Formfeed/Carriage return characters.
  • These characters are being sent as their html code   
 in the REST payload from probe to Spectrum and the payload was getting discarded by CXF jar at Spectrum.



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Integrations


  • This issue is resolved in spectrumgtw-8.6.9-HF1
  • This patch added a configurable regular expression in probe (regExToRemoveMatchedChars [\x0B\x0C\x0D]), which will be applied to Alarm Title so that those problematic characters will be removed.
  • You configure/change this regular expression further if we determine any additional changes are needed.
  • A restart of the probe is required for the changes to take effect.

Additional Information

  • UIM 20.3.3
  • Spectrum Gateway 8.69