Need detailed documentation or whitepaper about the lua database commands in the nas probe
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Need detailed documentation or whitepaper about the lua database commands in the nas probe


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I don't find technical documentation or whitepaper about database commands we can use in a lua script executed by the "nas" probe,  like  :

-- tab,rc,err = database.query(select...)":
-- tab: result table address
-- rc:  query retcode
-- rr: query error text (if any)

I need detailed information, like "return codes" , functionality ...


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Please refer to the attached KB Article:

Accessing the Nimsoft Database cm_computer_system from Lua Script

Other helpful references:

Nas Extensions to LUA


LUA Reference Manual

LUA Database Access

LUA error handling


Get the address of a LUA object

LUA Community

UIM Community
LUA script - capture database query errors

You can download the latest nsa package (Nimsoft Scripting Agent) for UIM 20.3 from here:

NSA Release Notes

Additional Information

Nimsoft Script Agent

The Nimsoft Script Agent (nsa) is a Lua-based scripting platform. The nsa is meant to be used as a tool for system integration, reporting, on-site enhancements allowing for direct integration with NMS, ADO, SNMP and basic system and network functions. It requires no run-time environment (not even NMS), and contains all the functionality within a single binary.
The user may encrypt sensitive data (like NMS or database login passwords) and incorporate this into the script(s).
The package is installed by dropping it onto the target Robot(s) in the Infrastructure Manager, and installs to the SDK directory under the Nimsoft root directory.

Installation notes

Drop the package onto your Nimsoft Robot, and look for the files in the SDK directory.