2 versions of CA Spool on a single lpar / How to run a test instance of CA Spool on the same LPAR
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2 versions of CA Spool on a single lpar / How to run a test instance of CA Spool on the same LPAR


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Can CA Spool v12 and v14 run on the same lpar?  We have application teams who haven't configured their code to process v14 PCL files which is delaying our move to v14, which is currently installed in our Test environment.  Is it possible or will it pose any problems to have both versions running simultaneously on the same Prod LPAR?

Can CA Spool 14.0 also be installed on the same LPAR and a test STC.(eg. ESFT) to run this new release?

Is it possible to run V14 also along with V12 on same LPAR without touching the current V12 environment?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Yes, it is possible to run 2 Spool stcs from different releases in the same LPAR. Some requirements:

1) Each task must have its own APPLID and SUBID 

2) If you are loading ESFSSSM/ESFUSO/ESFSVC modules from STEPLIB, you do not have to rename any Spool modules to avoid conflicts.

3) If you are pre-loading ESFSSSM/ESFUSO/ESFSVC into ELPA or MLPA, the modules pointed by the MODULES statement must be renamed in one of the releases. The default is: 

You have make one of the releases point to different module names. For example, you can rename the 14.0 modules and use:


You have to also rename the modules in the CBQ4LOAD libraries (or, better, create copies of the modules with the names above).
Use STEPLIB in the Spool stcs to avoid conflicts.

3) Make sure they don't compete for sysouts so use different XFERCLAS, SUBSCLAS in case you use this type of criteria to select output. I presume the printers will be different so they shouldn't not compete if selecting output by destination.

4) NJE name must be different in case you use this interface