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Spectrum Integration with 3rd party Service Desk Manager.


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CA Spectrum


We are in the process of integration of Spectrum and HPSM and we have some questions relating to the documentation.

1. There is comment in the documentation "" that states: The above fields (Assign Assets/Configuration Items/Reload Asset/CI Mapping/Reload Ticket Rules) are currently NOT supported in this integration. What does this mean? we can not perform mapping between Spectrum and HPSM period?


2. There is note in the integration configuration page that states: Prior to configuring OneClick to connect to Service Desk using this configuration page, you must download and install the integration components on your Service Desk server.



Release : 20.2

Component :


1. Yes, there is no mapping wit 3rd party Service Desk Managers.

2. OC components are only needed with CA service Desk and not for 3rd party integrated services.

The only steps required with 3rd party Service Desk managers are outlined here: