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Error "bad value" Xogging in an Idea


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You are seeing an issue while xogging in the Idea object. The error message is: attribute "approvedByID" has a bad value: the length of the value is 37, but the required maximum is 32. When you validate the Idea attribute approvedByID you see it is configured by a lookup which is fetching the user ID from an Out of the Box (OOTB )lookup which holds characters that are more than 37. So somehow the resource ID is taking the records with more than 37 characters but trying to xog in the data, it is throwing the error.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new User.
    set UserID to more than 32 characters  (ex. [email protected])
  2. Give this user all Idea Rights
  3. Log in as this user
  4. As this user, approve the Idea that was submitted for approval
    Idea is approved
  5. XOG out this idea
    Notice approvedById is picked up from the UserID and is over 32 characters long
  6. Now XOG this idea back in

Expected results: Idea is xogged back in without error
Actual results: Error - approvedById is 33 characters long

Xog output:
<XOGOutput xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/status.xsd">
  <Object type="idea"/>
  <Status elapsedTime="0.001 seconds" state="FAILURE"/>
  <Statistics failureRecords="0" insertedRecords="0" totalNumberOfRecords="0" updatedRecords="0"/>
    <Description>[Error] :1:1: attribute "approvedByID" has a bad value: the length of the value is 33, but the required maximum is 32.
 Invalid attribute in input document. Please remove all instances of attribute from document elements and try again.
 [Element : Idea, Attribute : approvedByID ].
    <Exception type="java.lang.Exception">Invalid xml data</Exception>


Release : 15.7.1, 15.8



The is a defect DE54761 - Idea approvedById character length needs to match the UserID character length. This seems to be related to an issue where the User Id and the ApproveByID have different max lengths. The XOG write fails with the max limit exception. The UI works fine.


The defect is fixed in Clarity 15.8.1. The system allows you to xog-in and xog-out without any error if the approvedById is more than 32 characters.

Additional Information

There is a related defect on the Idea object on a different attribute called Target Manager. The fix for this will be included in 16.1.

XOG - Cannot set value that is greater than 32 characters against Target Manager attribute