Resolving the "application protocol (failed to apply modifications)" error
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Resolving the "application protocol (failed to apply modifications)" error


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Symantec Management Center


The goal here is to be able to modify the default gateway IP address on the Management Center. An attempt was aborted, with the "application protocol error" > "Error: failed to apply modifications". Se full error in the snippet added in the resolution section.


An attempt at making this modification from the SSH access and received the "Failed to applied modification" error. See snippet below, for the full error.

Apparently, this change, being a setup config, done with the highest local privilege on the appliance, should happen from the serial console access, by going through the same "Initial Configuration" steps but only modifying the IP address of the default gateway, to the desired IP address. For the desired steps, please refer to the details in the Tech. Doc. with the URLs below. 

Note: Ensure the new gateway IP address is reachable from the MC appliance, before making the change. This connectivity should be validated. This connectivity should be validated. Very importantly, if the MC-VA is deployed on an SSP box, this change should be done on the 0:0 management port

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