PerfMonCollector agents not displayed in Agents View in SaaS
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PerfMonCollector agents not displayed in Agents View in SaaS


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


The Map components custom agent selection includes PerfmonCollectorAgents and Infrastructure Agents 

but these are not displayed on the Map or Agent card


Release : SAAS

Component :


This is expected behaviour and a result of selecting Follow Transaction Path in the Map Components filter selection.

 The issue is that when the Follow Transaction Path box is checked it is effectively saying that you want to look at the map from an Application layer point of view and that filtering is then imposed over what ever else is set in the explicit filters. So if you have agents A, B, C & D explicitly set then if of them only A & B have applications then that is all that will be shown on any layer in the map view and hence agent card.
This is eluded to in the documentation

In example 1 of 'Apply Universes in the Map Layers'
"This universe also contains all agents that are monitoring the application components." the inference being not the infrastructure.


Unchecking Follow Transaction Path will include all selected components and not filter out items not part of an Application

The impact of this of course is that in doing so the Map will not include the full transaction path is there out components outside the current explicitly scoped items.