Remote Cache Tactical Assertion - Redis Master-Slave Connection Model
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Remote Cache Tactical Assertion - Redis Master-Slave Connection Model


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CA API Gateway


We installed the Remote Cache Assertion on API Gateway and tried to connect to a Redis server 

In the RemoteCache 1.4 - User Documentation, we saw the redis "cluster" connection attribute.

**Cluster; Check if the Redis server has been configured as a cluster

Our redis is working with master-slave model. One master and multiple slave.

When we wrote multiple server URIs with comma separated like a host1:port1,host2:port2 and checked the cluster attribute, connection was failed. and logs below:

***Unable to store cached value: Error creating remote cache connection.  Exception caught! 

By the way, when "Cluster" attribute unchecked, connection was successful. But user document says, "If this is not a cluster and
multiple server URIs are provided, only the first one will be used."

How can we provide the connection when the master-slave model used?



Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY

RemoteCache 1.4 1.5.x


The currently used Redis library does not support the master/slave model .

So at the moment the remote cache assertion can only connect to the master node , or to all node in a cluster when running redis in cluster mode 

To add this support the remote cache tactical needs to be rewritten to use another redis library which will be a enhancement request .