Get Agent binary with Automic Download Center API
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Get Agent binary with Automic Download Center API


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CA Automic One Automation


We have a server that needs an agent installation. We want to download the binary directly from with help of the Automic Download Center API.

How can we access the online repository directly from a server?


Release : 12.3


The API of is documented here:


How to download a component with help of the DLC API to a server:

Step 1: find the release_delivery_id:

  • In a browser go to
  • With help of the dropdowns select component you need
  • Right-click the download link and select 'Copy link address
  • Select the number at the end of the line, the is the number after release_delivery_id=
  • Use the curl command below where <user>= your email address to login to the Broadcom portal and <pwd>=your password


Step 2: Download the package with cURL:



In the Unix command line on the target server use the following commands to download the component:

This is example requests to directly download the file for download_file_id=1581423064782 (
AUTH_USER="Your Broadcom support ID" # e.g. [email protected]
AUTH_PASSWORD="Your Broadcom support password"
AUTH_HEADER="Authorization: Basic $(echo -n $AUTH_USER:$AUTH_PASSWORD | base64)"


Unpack the downloaded zip-file with 'unzip'


On Windows:

In a Windows shell:

  • Generate the base64 hash of email and password:
powershell "[convert]::ToBase64String([Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes(\"AUTH_USER:AUTH_PASSWORD\"))"
  • Download the binary:
curl -H "Authorization: Basic <base64 hash>" -X "GET" "" -O -J
  • Unzip the download file and install the component