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Populate from Assignments - Role vs Resource


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We have the following scenario:

  1. A role is allocated to a Team in a Project
  2. A named resource is allocated to the same Project
  3. We change the Investment role for the role from step 1 to a different role
  4. We change the Investment role for the named resource from step 2 to the same role as in step 3
  5. We then assign the role and the named resource into a Task
  6. We also populate cost plan from assignment

When we do this, we notice that the Rate Matrix (which has defined Resource Class as its column) row that is matched is as follows:

  1. Role matches the Resource Class of the role from step 3
  2. Named resource matches the Resource Class of the named resource itself

We want to know why the Resource Class of the named resource is not being matched with the role defined in step 4.


Version: 15.9.3


This is working as designed. There are differences in how Roles and Named Resources behave in the application. For example, there can be multiple Roles of the same type in a Project, but only one Named Resource. Roles are placeholders till an actual Resource is identified.

If a Named Resource did not rely on the exact Resource Class that is assigned against it, it could lead to a scenario where two different Named Resources who belong to different classes, but assigned the same role, are utilized at the same cost for a project. This could lead to wrong estimations.

Similarly, if a Role did not rely on the Resource Class of the Investment Role, then the change in Investment Role would effectively be nulled out when cost is estimated.