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CA 7 LXX Dataset contain extents, need to enlarge Dataset


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CA 7 Workload Automation Datacom/AD Datacom


Found that below dataset contain more than 1 extent. How to enlarge the dataset

Dataset Name                          XT

SYS2.CA7.LXX                          4


Release : 12.1

Component :


CA 7 delivers sample JCL in library CAL2JCL member AL2DBLXX to help you resize the CA Datacom LXX log File LXX file.


For Example:

  1. Stop CA 7 and any other task that are access the MUF (should not be any)
  2. Run the AL2DBSPL job
  3. Shutdown the MUF clean
  4. Run the AL2DBLXX job to resize the LXX

You will not lose data, because you will spill it before resizing (in step 2 above).



Additional Information

Below is the link about sizing the LXX:

LXX Sizing