How to disable and hide Symantec/CA Directory DSA service
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How to disable and hide Symantec/CA Directory DSA service


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CA Directory


We no longer use Symantec/CA Directory DSA.

We want to hide it so it will be visible neither to Windows services nor to dxserver utility.
Although we want to keep DSA configuration and data, and be able to put it back in service when necessary.



Release : 12.x, 14.x

Component : CA Directory


It is possible to hide a DSAs without actually deleting anything.

2 steps are required on Windows and on Linux (DSA name to hide is 'mydsa'):

1) Remove DSA service on Windows or disable DSA auto-start on Linux:

dxserver remove mydsa

2) Rename config/servers/mydsa.dxi to config/servers/mydsa.dxi.txt

This will effectively hide a DSA from Windows services and from dxserver

To enable DSA:

1) Rename config/servers/mydsa.dxi.txt back to config/servers/mydsa.dxi

2) Enable Windows service (compulsory on Windows) or on Linux make DSA start automatically (optional):

dxserver install mydsa