sdnContainsModelNameString Attribute does not populate Organisation for Meraki Routers
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sdnContainsModelNameString Attribute does not populate Organisation for Meraki Routers


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance


Spectrum is integrated Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) and using the Meraki Plugin.

It appears that the Organizations Hierarchy is missing for the SDN_ROUTERS model. For Meraki routers, the sdnContainsModelNameString attribute (0x133e4) only displays sites.

It shows correctly for integrated and SDN_Switches.

For example: 

For SDN_Switches, it shows:
SDN Manager:AU_Meraki:Organizations:<organisations>:<sites>:

However, for SDN_ROUTERS it only shows:


NetOps Spectrum 21.2.1
NetOps Virtual Network Assurance 21.2.1


After examining the code we found that for appliances such as SDN_Routers there are two hierarchies. One is from Organizations and the other is from Sites. Because of this, there are two SDN_CONTAINS relations forming. Whenever there are two associations with different hierarchies, the sdnContainsModelNameString may populate any one of them and hence we are seeing a sites hierarchy at times. But for Access Points, we have only one SDN_CONTAINS relation and the sdnContainsModelNameString attribute is populating correctly.
After discussing internally, we felt the displaying of SDN_ROUTERS and Meraki routers under the Sites hierarchy was not giving any additional value and in this case it should be enough to only show the Organizations hierarchy. This way sdnContainsModelNameString will always populate correctly. A fix will be built to implement this.


A fix will be provided to address this Defect (DE516732) will be provided in a future release. At this stage, the fix is targetted for a release due in the Janurary 2022 timeframe (possibly Spectrum 21.2.8). Note that this is subject to change