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Enhancement Request Completed for TDM Portal F&R using Oracle columns with datatype "timestamp with timezone"


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need to be able to do Find and Reserve in the TDM Portal with when the target is an Oracle database and the column is of type TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE.
Currently, we can not do this.


This is a new feature that was added in 4.9.370.0 and newer


TDM Portal 4.9.1

Test Data Manager


This is a new feature that was added in 4.9.370.0 and newer

Please download TDM Portal patch 4.9.370 or newer to be able to use this feature.
TDM Support Patches

Additional Information

We have provided support for oracle datatype TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE but only in data prefetch OFF MODE

Please do not include this (TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE ) type of column in a F&R model which are not using OFF MODE as data prefetch option,
although he will be able to create the model even if this type of column is involved in model but he won't be able to find the data from source db on Self service catalog tiles.