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Unable to avoid OPS1097J ERROR 97 ... OVER 128 CLAUSES EXECUTED


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have tried a multiple  approaches to change the setting for the max clauses, but continue to get "OPS1097J ERROR 97 ... OVER 128 CLAUSES EXECUTED" errors. We initially tried setting OPTIONS "MAXCLAUSES=10000” in the INIT section of the rule, but still received this error.


Only 128 clauses are allowed in the recovery routine.


Release : 13.5 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


If the error routine is called because of the ERROR 97, we give you another 128 clauses to recover.

If the 128 is exceeded, we still issue the OPS1097 since it was the true cause of the failure.

The 128 value in the message just indicates the recovery clauses were also exceeded.