Datamaker Publish fails, but same publish works in TDM Portal
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Datamaker Publish fails, but same publish works in TDM Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Seeing an error on publish in Datamaker on the birthdate variable. Is there a debug log or window where I can see this?


The publish log is attached.  Snippet from log below:

Error is: Data in var line/iteration #1/1 row #1 of table "hl7_transaction" column "contents" in step "TDMDS" contains data "@replace(@replace(@replace(@replace(@replace(@replace(@replace(@replace(@replace(@execsql(Peph_tdm,select contents from dbo.hl7_templates where description like '~hl7_description_walk_in~')@,$QLSACCOUNTNUM$,~qls_account_number~)@,$COLLECTIONDATE$,~collection_date~)@,$ACCESSION$,~accession_num~)@,$DOB$,~birthdate~)@,$FIRSTNAME$,~first_name~)@,$GENDER$,~gender~)@,$LASTNAME$,~last_name~)@,$UID$,~person_uid~)@,$BLANKREQNUM$,~blank_requisition_number~)@" [@execsql(PEPH-Dev1-WeTrans,select TOP 1 FORMAT(per.BirthDate, N'yyyyMMdd')@ SQLSTATE = 37000

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near 'yyyyMMdd'.



Release : 4.9

Component : Datamaker


There is a character limitation in Datamaker for expressions, which does not exist in TDM Portal, this is why the publish is failing in Datamaker, but works in Portal.


 There is no character limit for data painter expressions in the CA TDM Portal. However, Datamaker has a limit of 16000 characters . If you expect parallel usage of this data generation rule in Datamaker, adhere to the Datamaker character limit.


The recommended method is to set up the default publish configuration in the TDM Portal Generator Configuration page, and not use Datamaker due to this limitation.

A simple outline of the steps:

  1. Create your ARD flow and save the flow to the TDM Repository
  2. Make the ARD Flow visible to Self Service in Portal
  3. Create your Generator
  4. Set up the default Publish in the Configuration page for the generator
  5. Make the configuration "Active"