Spectrum / VNA integration stuck in "Waiting for VNA response"
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Spectrum / VNA integration stuck in "Waiting for VNA response"


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


After upgrading Spectrum and VNA to version 21.2.2, the status for all domains on the OneClick integrated with VNA is  "Waiting for VNA response".

The status is unchanged for five hours now.

The mysql output from the VNA Aggregator "mysql> show full processlist;" shows all VNA aggregator Daemons with a Sleep State.




All supported DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance releases


Trouble shooting done:

- Verified the Aggregator to VNA collectors communication and do not see any issue
- After a manual on-demand sync from Spectrum no request was received to Aggregator and all domains are shown waiting for sync to complete.
- Restarted the OneClick server but the aggregator still has received no request.  
- Enabled runtime debug on the OC web server  “VNA Integration Information” 

After analyzing the spectrum OC tomcat logs, we identified the hostname is changed from FQDN to a short name.  The checkForActiveServer is false - the host name  does not match.
from tomcat log.

Oct 28, 2021 07:26:25.173 (https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-7) (SDNIntegrationServlet) - Checking if this is the active server
Oct 28, 2021 07:26:25.173 (https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-7) (SDNIntegrationServlet) - Stored Hostname: <FQDN>
Oct 28, 2021 07:26:25.173 (https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-7) (SDNIntegrationServlet) - Local Hostname: <short hostname>


Updating the SDN_Enabled_OC_Server with FQDN the issue is resolved.

SDN_Enabled_OC_Server (0x6730005) is on SDN Manager model.