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ITAM: The choose file button is not displayed when trying to attach a file to an asset


Article ID: 227580


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CA IT Asset Manager Asset Portfolio Management


ITAM (non-English installation): The "choose file" button does not appear when trying to attach a file to an asset.


Browser is using a language different than the one from the database 


Release : 17.3

Component : ITAM


The behavior is expected and working by design as.

1. In a Spanish ( or any Non-English ) installation of ITAM, the strings are localized at the database level. Hence, when the browser is set to English or any other locale, the application loads the corresponding locale's resource files for the browser. The strings mismatch and the button doesn't load.

2. In an English installation of ITAM, any browser locale would work as it is the default installation and has been taken care of.


Possible workaround: Run the following query to change the value from Spanish to English:

Note: Take a backup of the arg_attachment_types table before running the query below:

Update arg_attachment_types set [value] = 'File' where id = 2