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How to use on Mac machines a CEM install script to include password


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IT Management Suite


The customer is trying to install the CEM (Cloud-Enabled Management) version of Altiris to Macs remotely. The install package was created from Composer and is using the .sh command. 

Normally during the installation of the CEM version, the user is prompted for a password. The customer would like to know if he can enter that password somewhere in the so that the user is not prompted to enter the password.

Right at the beginning of the .sh file he sees #used variables, decPassword="". Can he enter the password between the quotes? Can this be done at all?


ITMS 8.5 RU4, 8.6


You should run the following switch:

./cem_package -pwd 'password'

Single quotes are a must. The empty value of decPassword in the script should not be changed.


sudo sh /private/var/tmp/Cloud-enabled\ Agent\ Installation\ Package/Resources/ -pwd 'Password'