Enable alarm on module in offline state - Cisco Firepower 9K FX-OS
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Enable alarm on module in offline state - Cisco Firepower 9K FX-OS


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


How to enable alarm when a module of a Cisco Firepower goes offline/down via watch?


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


The Oper Status of the module is located in the fcFeModuleOperStatus (OID: (0xc40d49) attribute ID of the RFC2837App Application model.

And these are the possible values:

  • online(1)
  • offline(2)
  • testing(3)
  • fault(4)


These are the steps to create a Watch to monitor the fcFeModuleOperStatus (0xc40d49) attribute ID value on the RFC2837App Application model:

1. Go to the Locater TAB in the Navigation Pane to locate the RFC2837App Application model of the Cisco Firepower (FX-OS) device. Expand the Application Models and select 'by Device Name' and click on the binoculars button. Supply the name of the device in question.

2. Select the RFC2837App model in the Results TAB. Ensure the RFC2837App is displayed in the Component Detail Pane. Expand the Thresholds And Watches subview. Click on the button to create a new watch.

3. Supply the Name of the watch (no spaces in the Name field). In Data Type select Integer. Then click on the Attributes button.

4. Type c40d49 in the filter field and select the fcFeModuleOperStatus attribute and click on the OK button.

5. Add ".#" after the attribute name. In the Instance field select All.


6. Select the Properties TAB, and select Evaluate By Polling.

7. Select the Threshold TAB. Select the Attach a Threshold checkbox. In the Threshold violated if value field select > and type 1. In the Threshold reset if value field select <=. In Notification, select Generate Alarm. Select the appropriate Severity and Description. And click on the OK button to save the changes.

8. Select the watch in question, and click on the button to activate it.

9. The watch will be in the Initial state which means it has been activated.

10. And once the module goes to the offline state.

11. A Minor alarm will be generated on the RFC2837App application model.

12. And once the module goes back to the online state, the alarm will be cleared.