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Web Agent still sending requests to hung Policy Server


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When running 2 Policy Servers, when 1 went hung, the second seems not
to be able to accept all incoming requests as Web Agent reports




 2 Policy Server 12.8SP2 on Redhat 6 (Primary and Secondary);
 2 Policy Store on ODSEE B2019.0627.0913;




The Policy Server Primary was still up and running, but unable to
process the requests correctly as there was a problem by full disk
space. So the Web Agent keeps sending requests to the failing Policy
Server Primary until the failing Policy Server Primary is shut down
and its ports are closed.

The other Policy Server Secondary was able to cope with the load. It
received a max of 1267 connections out of max of 4096. The Policy
Server Secondary High and Normal queue keeping being at 0, which means
that it was able to process all incoming requests it received.




The Web Agent and Policy Server behaviors are as expected. As long as
Policy Server Primary is up and running, Web Agent will keep sending
request to it. When shutting down the Policy Server Primary, closing
its ports, then Web Agent sends all requests to the Policy Server
Secondary to solve the issue.