Determining if PGP Command Line is installed
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Determining if PGP Command Line is installed


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PGP Command Line


When renewing support entitlements for PGP Command Line it may be necessary to scan systems in order to determine if the application is installed on users' machines.


Symantec PGP Command Line


On a Windows machine, PGP Command Line will appear as an installed program in Control Panel / Programs and Features. Alternatively, you could scan systems for the executable which is here by default:

"C:\Program Files\PGP Corporation\PGP Command Line\pgp.exe"

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux or its clones, the command to run is this which will show you that the package pgpcmdln is installed. For example, this shows that release 10.5 MP2 is installed:

# rpm -qa pgpcmdln

Alternatively, you could scan for the pgp executable. By default it is here: