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UIM 20.3.x SLA Reports access for account/contacts


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In UIM <20.1 (UMP) the SLA reports portlet was accessible by accounts/contacts. So, a bus user would create an SLA for a particular account and the account would log to UMP and see the published SLA via the SLA Report portlet.

The SLA Report portlet in 20.3 is included in the SLA View.

Therefore, not accessible by accounts. Account users having admin rights (all rights) don't have permission to view SLM page (

How can accounts/contacts access SLA Report in UIM 20.3


Release : 20.3



The SLA Reports application - which was separated from the SLM application in UIM <20.1 - it is included instead in the SLM webapp in UIM 20.3. 

Therefore, because of this design, accounts cannot access their own assigned SLA reports. Unfortunately because of this current design, the only workaround as of right now is to ship the SLA reports using the report scheduler. 

Access for accounts/contacts to SLA Reports will be introduced in UIM 20.4. 

We may expect UIM 20.4 release soon as of November 2021.