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API Portal - How to change the log level for the portal container?


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CA API Developer Portal


The portal data container (portal_portal-data) log file shows the log level as DEBUG. How to change this log level as it is logging too much information?


Release : 5.0.2

Component : API Portal


The log level for the portal_portal-data container can be changed by running the following queries:

  • Run this query to get the current log level
    • select TENANT_ID,PORTAL_LOG_LEVEL from portal.TENANT_INFO;
      | apim      | DEBUG             |
  • If you see the PORTAL_LOG_LEVEL as DEBUG, then update that with the following query
    • update portal.TENANT_INFO set PORTAL_LOG_LEVEL = 'INFO' where TENANT_ID = 'apim';

  • Run the select query again to confirm the changes are successful

Additional Information

If you want to change the log level for any tenants, please review API Portal - How to change log level for Portal Tenant logs?