MOI selected metric data extraction process
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MOI selected metric data extraction process


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


This extract process is used to gather metric data from installed MOI appliances for analysis of machine learning enhancements and reported issues. 


Mainframe Operational Intelligence

MOI 2.0.*


Extraction process for Metric Data

* Prerequistes 

This utility needs to be executed on the host machine where the MOI Appliance is running.

- MOI Appliance should be running and healthy
- The host system needs to have enough free disk space ? during Extract process.

Customization of the metricToExtract.csv file

1.  Contact MOI Engineering to obtain the tar file that contains the metricToExtract.csv file that has been customized for the metrics that are needed from the specific customer.  

2.  Attach the tar file received from MOI Engineering to the Case opened for the metric data extraction.

Communicate the following instructions to the Customer: 

1.  Download and copy the zip file,  moi-metric-extractor-v1_1672248229796.tar , to any directory on the appliance .  Suggested directory would be        /tmp/extract-moi-data      . 

2.  Run the below command to untar and unzip the downloaded file: 

tar -xvf moi-metric-extractor-v1_1672248229796.tar

3.  Clear directory /var/opt/moi/share/backups/ with the following command: 

rm /var/opt/moi/share/backups/*

4.  Run the script 


5.  Once script has executed, attach all files in this directory to the Case : 


Please note: This script can take 10+ minutes to finish its execution.


moi-metric-extractor-v1_1672248229796.tar get_app