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ERROR: BY variable CPCID is not on input data set WEEKS.HARCRK00.


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MICS Resource Management


Recently applied RMF maintenance as part of the 14.3 upgrade, and today our DAILY job is failing with the following error:

ERROR: BY variable CPCID is not on input data set WEEKS.HARCRK00



Release : 14.3

Component : RMF


As part of RMF7147 is a step to retrofit the database by submitting job RMF7147R. 
This retrofit adds summarization key CPCID to the pre-existing HARCRK, HARCRP, HARCRA files.

Submit the following job(s) from the PSP Supplemental Jobs panel (MWF;5;2;1;5):          
-- OR --                                        
Add a JOB statement, supply the sharedprefix and
the unit identifier to the MICSDBx PROC, and    
submit the job located in 'sharedprefix.PSP.CNTL'                              
Ensure that all steps complete with a condition 
code of zero.