Gen application "unhandled win32 exception" OR does not open
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Gen application "unhandled win32 exception" OR does not open


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Gen Gen - Run Time Distributed Gen - Workstation Toolset


At runtime, if the Dynamic MFC PTF RTN86217 / LU03130 is applied but the application window manager has not been re-built, the following exception may occur: "An unhandled win32 exception occurred..." (screen shot below). If the Just-In-Time Debugger is not installed, no error will be seen; the application simply will not execute or open.


To mitigate the impact of installing these PTFs:

1. Troubleshooting tips:
 - Look at the date/time of the .exe to see if it's later than the PTF installation date.
 - Add an eye-catcher: Update the application.h file (see below for example).  Change one of the fields to indicate "dynamic" & then when they detail the .exe, they can easily identify if the .exe has been built with the dynamic PTF. (screenshot below).

2. The problem description will include a statement, in bold, saying, "Once the PTF set is installed, the GUI window managers will need to be re-built (not regenerated) to pick up the changes..."  And will also mention the above troubleshooting tips.  

3. Gen Engineering also considered future GUI Runtime PTFs. Since this PTF will be a prerequisite, there's always a chance the documentation won't be thoroughly read by users who  could miss the fact that this PTF requires rebuilding all their GUI Window Managers. To help, messaging has been added to the install file.  

BTN86208 / LU03131 and RTN86217 / LU03130 are the PTFs needed to test GUI applications. 
CCN86202 / LU03132 is Comms Bridge and Client Manager.
CSN86211 / LU03133 is CSE clients.
PLG86201 / LU03134 is Plugins and Web Service Wizard.

The last 3 are because they are Gen applications and they were simply re-built

Additional Information

NOTE: Only the Window Manager .exe file needs to be rebuilt and the Window Manager .dll does not need to be rebuilt. Similarly, Operations Library .dlls (containing Action Blocks) do not need to be rebuilt.
The above PTFs have been superseded by Gen 8.6.3 Consolidation PTF: WKS86300/LU06327
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