Clarification on Docker Compose Installer for 10.6
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Clarification on Docker Compose Installer for 10.6


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Service Virtualization


As we plan to upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6, we were looking to explore Dockerized version of DevTest. As per the below article, it seems Broadcom provides a custom Docker Compose Installer. Since August 31, 2021 the Docker Compose software is no longer open source and has been commercialized and bundled as part of Docker Desktop.

Do we need to purchase and install Docker Compose, or can we simply use the Docker Compose Installer provided by Broadcom to set up?


Release : 10.6

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You should not have to purchase Docker Compose for Linux, since Docker Desktop is not yet available for Linux. You do need to have Docker Compose installed on the Linux server before running the DevTest installation script.

See for the Prerequisite requirements before running the installation.

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