Gen Cobol 6.2 compiler options and STGOPT
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Gen Cobol 6.2 compiler options and STGOPT


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What are the recommended Gen 8.6 Cobol 6.2 compiler options?    And, does Broadcom Gen recommend the STGOPT option?


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Host Encyclopedia


These are the set of default Cobol 6.2 compile options that we set in Gen 8.6 member 'CEHBCLS0(TICCMPL)' as follows: 

Regarding STGOPT Cobol compiler option:
IBM changed the behavior of the STGOPT compiler option in a COBOL v6.1 PTF and these changes are also in the v6.2 compiler.  We found that the STGOPT compiler option provided negligible performance benefits, so we chose to go with the NOSTGOPT compiler option for its debugging benefits.  We use the OPT(2) compiler option to improve performance of the generated code.
Here is the documentation from the COBOL v6.2 Migration Guide:
"NOSTGOPT: In earlier versions, data items can get optimized with OPT(2) even when NOSTGOPT was in effect. NOSTGOPT was changed in this version so that no optimization of storage or data items occurs even with OPT(2). This is especially helpful for WORKING-STORAGE eye-catchers."