PTF not in Chorus database
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PTF not in Chorus database


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SYSVIEW Performance Management COMMON SERVICES FOR Z/OS CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


SYSVIEW R160 LU02875 z/OS 2.5 compatibility PTF not in Chorus Software Manager (CSM) database (software catalog).

Also, not seeing some preReqs not in Chorus database.

LU01511 PREREQUISITE not RECV not in Chorus
LU01855 PREREQUISITE not RECV not in Chorus



Release : 16.0
Component: SYSVIEW

Release: 6.0/6.1
Component : Chorus Software Manager


The CSM software catalog has not been update to include recent maintenance.


Add the missing PTFs to the CSM software catalog.

  1. Go to the Products tab and expand the entry for SYSVIEW. This will show the available releases.
  2. With the list of releases shown, right click on desired release (ie.16.0)
  3. Select Get Latest Maintenance or Update Product Release. Either process should download available published PTFs to the software catalog.
  4. If any problems with the above steps, try Update Complete Product List and then repeat above steps.

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