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Unable to save a report as spreadsheet when using Google Chrome if the report name contains a comma


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IT Management Suite Asset Management Solution


When trying to run a report and use the "Save As > Spreadsheet" nothing happens. The same happens if trying to save as an HTML file and XML file. 

The customer has seen this with default and custom reports. For example: "Assets by Type, Status, Department, Cost Center, and Location" or "Machine Names, OS, Build, Model & Serial Number"

No issue on all other reports.

Steps to duplicate issue:

1. Go to Reports>All Reports>Service and Asset Management>Assets>"Assets by Type, Status, Department, Cost Center, and Location" report
2. Click on "Save As>Spreadsheet"

3. Select "include parameters" and "Save All" options

4. The report should be saved as a CSV file (it should be saved in the "Downloads" folder since that is the default location that Chrome uses) but nothing happens. The report is not saved as a file.

5. If you try the same steps with Internet Explorer, you should see the prompt asking if you want to save the file.



This is a known issue. The problem is related to the report name and how Chrome  handles certain characters. If the report name contains a "comma", Chrome cannot trigger the Save option as we want it.

See for more details

Also we have observed this issue with other browser like Microsoft edge


ITMS 8.5 RU4, 8.6, 8.6 RU1


This issue will be addressed in our ITMS 8.6 RU2 release.

The current workarounds:

  1. Use Internet Explorer to save the report as a "spreadsheet"
  2. Clone the default report and save it under different name without the comma (",") or if it is a custom report, rename the report without the comma (",") on its name