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ESP D-series application logs steam to central log management


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CA Workload Automation DE


Would like to know if the ESP D series 12.3 able to stream all the application related logs to a central log management server instead of storing locally in its respective server, like (Scheduler in  x:\ca\esp\log\ where \ca\esp is the installation location of scheduler) and for agents x:\ca\waagent\log\ folder and appache tomcat in tomcat install location) can all these be sent or streamed directly to log management server instead of stored locally.



Release : 12.3

Component :


The  server.log4j.xml in <DE_install_directory>/conf manages the logging of all the modules in the de server.

We can specify the name of the log and the path. We cannot stream it to any central log management.

However, you can enable SNMP notifications to an SNMP manager for event management. For more details refer to the documentation below.

SNMP Notifications