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XCOM ISPF interface last message XCOMM0640E VTAM ERROR for TCP/IP transfer


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


Due to a firewall issue encountered an XCOM transfer fail (IP address not reachable).
The last message issued i.e. "Last Ms" as displayed in the XCOM ISPF interface panel was:

That was somewhat confusing for support staff given that it's actually a transfer over TCP/IP
Therefore would like to see the text "VTAM" disappear from this message so as not to confuse the operations team.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


The customer advised that the XCOM server log does show XCOMM0780E for the TCP/IP layer failure.

XCOM Engineering feedback:
The parameter which governs retries for network errors is VERL (Vtam ERror Limit) and was also used when TCP/IP support was added to XCOM back in 1995/1996.
A change to show XCOMM0780E or other TCP/IP message as the last message on the ISPF interface panel would not be as simple as changing the message text. The name of the parameter that was exceeded is "VERL" and the text of the message needs to correlate with the parameter in question. Other customers would likely open a case for the opposite reason. Also, there are customers who probably have OPS/MVS or some other automation that may be monitoring for the text of the original message.
Due to other current workloads, this change would also need to be prioritised.
Therefore the advice is to create an enhancement request by adding a new idea for this on the Ideas Community page (Category=XCOM Data Transport):

Additional Information

XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Messages > XCOM Messages > XCOMM0640E
XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Messages > XCOM Messages > XCOMM0780E
XCOM™ Data Transport® for z/OS 12.0 > Using > The Menu Interface (TSO/ISPF Panels) > Detailed File Transfer Display