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ENUM lookup and color mappings not displaying as expected


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When using a Lookup defined as displaying the LOOKUP_ENUM value, it is not displayed as expected.  The Display Value is showing the Description text instead of the ENUM value and color mappings are incorrect.


  1. In Classic, Administration, Lookups: Create a new static lookup where the Display Value uses the LOOKUP_ENUM value
    • Lookup Type = Static List
    • Parent Window Tab:
      • Hidden Key = LOOKUP_ENUM
      • Display Value = LOOKUP_ENUM
  2. Values Tab: Create a few static values with ENUM values and Description values
    • One 1
    • Two 2
    • Three 3
    • Four 4
  3. Create an attribute on the 'Agreement' object using this lookup and associate color mappings to the values
  4. Navigate to the Agreements workspace and add this attribute as a column in the grid 
  5. On the common grid, when you edit the cell, it correctly displays the ENUM value in the list 1, 2, 3, 4. However, after selection, it will show the Description values of the selection, One, Two, Three, Four 
    If you navigate away and back to the grid (refresh grid), it will display the ENUM values 1, 2, 3, 4 for the saved records
  6. Click into an Agreement and place the attribute on the canvas
    It will show the Description value instead of the ENUM value. The color mapping is wrong and will show the same incorrect color for all values. 

Expected Results: The ENUM value should appear consistently as this is defined in the Lookup as the Display value. 

Actual Results: The Display Value is showing the Description text instead of the ENUM value and color mappings are incorrect. 




Release: Clarity 16.0

Component: Clarity Studio


This is under review as: DE63057

Workaround: Refresh the grid. No workaround for the canvas inside the agreement. 

Additional Information

See also: Lookups master KB for Clarity