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How to turn off an alarm or polling for a specific item in the snmpcollector probe configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Example of how to turn off an alarm or polling for a specific item in the snmpcollector probe configuration.


Release : 20.3



Reviewing the following image: 

1. First select the 3 dots next to the filter that already exists (Default Interface Filter in this case). Next select to make a copy, and give it a name that is consistent with its intended use. The main filter (the one that will apply to all interfaces should be applied first), and then alteration should then be applied. So in this case the 'Default Interface Filter' should have a Precedence number that is higher than the 'Exclude for specific interface' filter.

2. Client to edit the new filter and specify the information that is to be different for the specific interface, as to collection, alarms etc, in the new filter. 

3. Set the lower precedence number for the overriding filter.

4. Specify an identifier that would make the interface in question exclusive to other interfaces. In this example we use 'ifAlias'.

Save the changes. Once the template has been applied for the devices, it should show the change for the device / interface in question.