Random Software Delivery Policies show Server Error Request Timed Out when clicking on them
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Random Software Delivery Policies show Server Error Request Timed Out when clicking on them


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Client Management Suite


When clicking on random managed software delivery policies, you may receive a timeout error in the Console.  For example, as shown in the following screenshot:

In addition, when viewing the SMP logs, you might notice several warning messages stating things like "Delta update is not possible for XXX"


ITMS 8.6



SQL used for the custom filter includes more resources than expected.  These resources are more than just computers. 


The first thing you will need to do is examine the filters that this managed software delivery are applied to.  If you don't know what they're, the SMP logs might clue you in.  You can also right click on the problematic managed software delivery policy, and choose view as XML.  Once opened, search through the XML for the word Target.  Navigate down to the section that says resourceTargets as shown in the following screenshot:

As shown in the screenshot above, copy the GUID which is highlighted, and bring that over to SQL Management Studio.  Query the database using the GUID. 

select name from item where guid = '64e7a24d-310e-408d-a7c2-bf9d558eb916'

You will now see the name of the filter.  Do this for each filter you have applied in the XML.

Go to Manage > Filters and start reviewing the filters from your previous query.  One or more will have a problem such as seen in the following screenshot:

You may also notice that when clicking on this filter, it takes a longer than average time to display the members.  When viewing the membership, you may see other resources.  For example, you could see Monitors, or IP Phones.  In this case, that is a problem and the SQL being used for the filter will need to be updated to only include computer resources.