Task Timeline / Gantt troubleshooting
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Task Timeline / Gantt troubleshooting


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Troubleshooting tips and known issues related to the Modern User Experience (MUX  / UX) Task Timeline view and the Gantt in Clarity. Sometimes the issue may be seen in both, while other times, the issue is only in one area.


Does the issue impact the Timeline View, Gantt view, or both? This can help identify the troubleshooting steps needed. 

Check Clarity Classic Gantt

To check if the Gantt is impacted, and for additional details that may aid in troubleshooting:

  1. Open the Classic Clarity Gantt for the project. Is the issue reproducible there? 
  2. If yes, expand the Gantt Filter and click Show all. Check to see if any of the below errors are generated:
    1. Blank Gantt / missing tasks for a project when PRTASK.WBS_PARSEQ is null
    2. Task Timeline view / Gantt not showing tasks "ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "temp_wbs_global_session_u1"
    3. Tasks invisible in Gantt due to Unique Constraint Error on TEMP_WBS_GLOBAL_PK

If the issue is only in MUX Timeline View

  1. Check the 'View Options' setting

  2. Review Known Issues

If the issue is only in Classic Gantt

See the below additional issues:

If the above doesn't help

  • Review the app-ca.logs to see if any related errors appear
  • Enable Developer Tools in the browser to see if that helps in identifying the cause or an additional error that can be used in troubleshooting. 
  • Contact Broadcom support for assistance

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