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OPS3000S message - abend S722 in module OPRXTS


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Several S722 abends were reported in OPSLOG for OPS/MVS AOF module OPRXTS.



The cause is likely due to a timing issue. If an AOF rule is actively processing a message produced by an external ASID that abends during rule execution, then this can cause the AOF module currently executing to terminate unexpectedly and it will report the external abend as the cause. 

In this particular case, a $HASP375 message produced by a sort job was being processed by an AOF rule when the S722 abend occurred in the job. The OPRXTS module was processing the message at the time and also terminated unexpectedly when the abend occurred:

 $HASP375 SORTJOB ESTIMATE EXCEEDED BY           9,199,908 KBYTES   3 %
$HASP375 SORTJOB ESTIMATE EXCEEDED BY           9,299,907 KBYTES   3 %
$HASP375 SORTJOB ESTIMATE EXCEEDED BY           9,399,906 KBYTES   3 % <------ Message being processed by AOF
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT 119                                        
*OPS3000S ESTAE LEVEL 1 SYSTEM ABEND CODE=722 TIME=12:16:30 SEQ=0 CPU=00 <----- S722 abend occurs
 ASID=02F2 (0022 02F2)                                                  
 OPS3007I CURRENT ROUTINE NAME=OPRXTS ADDRESS=2F7CD000 OFFSET=000000D6 <------- Reported in module OPRXTS
 OPS3008I GPR  0-3  2F9E2BB0 2F9E27A8 2F9E2000 000002C8                 
 OPS3008I GPR  4-7  00FD5740 00000000 2F9E6628 2F7BDD44                 
 OPS3008I GPR  8-11 DDDDDDDD 2F9E6628 2E9D9000 2F9DFE40                 
 OPS3008I GPR 12-15 2F7CD000 2F9DFE40 AF7CD0BA 2F7CD000                 
 OPS3008I AR  0-3  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000                  
 OPS3008I AR  4-7  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000                  
 OPS3008I AR  8-11 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000                  
 OPS3008I AR 12-15 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000                  
 OPS3009I ABENDING LOCATION  OPRXTS+X'D6'                               
 OPS3009I UNKNOWN  CALLED BY OPRXTS+UNKNOWN                             
 OPS3009I OPRXTS   CALLED BY OPRXCMRU+X'3D8'                            
 OPS3009I OPRXCMRU CALLED BY OPAOPR+X'1996'                             
 OPS3009I OPAOPR   CALLED BY OPMGPR+X'F9C'                              
 OPS3009I OPMGPR   CALLED BY OPSS09+X'680'                              
 OPS3009I OPSS09   CALLED BY OPSSEX+X'362'                              
 OPS3009I OPSSEX   SS PC     OPPCSSRU+X'1FB8'                           
 OPS3009I UNKNOWN  CALLED BY SYSTEM+UNKNOWN                             
+WER999A SORTJOB,J005    ,S100    -  UNSUCCESSFUL SORT 722 S        
IEF450I SORTJOB S100 J005 - ABEND=S722 U0000 REASON=00000000 141 <-------- Actual source of the abend is the sort job  

Other AOF modules such as OPAOEV, OPRXCMRU, OPSMMG, etc.. can also be affected in a similar manner under these circumstances depending upon which module was actively processing the message at the time. 


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


No action need be taken. The AOF module is a victim of the S722 abend taken by the external job that issued the message being processed by AOF, and the abend reported by the AOF module is expected behavior.