SEP Mobile requires manual login when no MDM integration is configured.
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SEP Mobile requires manual login when no MDM integration is configured.


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Pushing out SEP Mobile with an app configuration from EMM/UEM/MDM does not provide autologin and manual login is instead required. The SEP Mobile integration with the MDM provider in use has not been configured.




Autologin for SEP Mobile requires a healthy basic UEM/EMM/MDM setup to be complete and functional.

Once the basic integration is configured, SEP Mobile will perform regular syncs with the group(s) that are configured in the SEP Mobile Management Console. 

The data obtained by SEP Mobile during those regular syncs is what makes the autologin possible. Users in the synced group(s) will be able to autologin to SEP Mobile under those circumstances when the app is pushed from MDM. 

During an activation flow where autologin is successful, parameters about the end-user are automatically supplied to SEP Mobile.  The obvious indication that this is working from the end-user perspective is that they will not be prompted for their name and email address at the start of the SEP Mobile activation wizard.  

It can be confirmed in the Device Details pane of the MC whether a specific device was activated using autologin.  This information is also found in a CSV export of the Devices page.  


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