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Filters are not working as expected in financial dashboard


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Customer has upgraded to Jaspersoft 7.8 and has noticed filters are not working as expected in their financial dashboard. Before the upgrade, if you type in the name of project you will see the results. However now it appears that the dashboard search functionality is not working properly when typing the search criteria. The results displayed are either inconsistently displaying only the first value in the input control, or not showing any results at all.


Release : 15.9.2, 15.9.3 / Jaspersoft 7.8



1. Go to Advanced Reporting > + Create Dashboard
2. Select from existing content "Project Storyboard" report.
3. Add the "Populate Project Manager" and "Project Manager" filters on the Dashboard.
4. Run the dashboard and check the box  next to Populate Project Manager 
5. Define your search criteria in the Search List and click the magnifying glass (or press enter)

Expected results: When using filter/searching on dashboard it should return desired results

Actual results: Filters are not working as expected in the dashboard; the search displays inconsistently only the first value in the Project Manager input control in the Advanced Reporting UI


Additional Information

TIBCO was able to reproduce this issue on 7.1.3v and 7.8v and verified the difference in filter process of Input control values. The Adhoc view the IC filter works as per required but the issue is occurring only on Dashboard. Enhancement/defect submitted for this issue, internal tracking number is JS-62864. This defect (JS-62094) is fixed by Tibco in latest hot fix of Jaspersoft 7.8 and the Broadcom Team will incorporate this fix in the next release of Jaspersoft with Clarity.