What are the Clarity Financial Jobs?
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What are the Clarity Financial Jobs?


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There are several jobs that need to run to get financial information into WIP and then additional jobs to process chargebacks and invoicing.




Release : 15.9.3



Records first come into the Invalid Transactions.

They can get in there from timesheets as long as the resource and investment are financially active.

XOGged imported transactions also come into Invalid Transactions.

1) Post Transactions to Financials validates that all the financial information is valid (department, location, entity..) 

   This job then adds the financial information to timesheet data such as department, location, entity, checks for a matrix and if there is a rate.

1a) Post Incidents to Financials

     This job does the same as Post Transactions to Financials but only addresses separate incidents.

2) Post to WIP

    This job takes the records which have been validated on Post Transactions to Financials and posts them to the WIP table where then they show on cost plans and other financial portlets/reports.

   If the records are marked for chargebacks they will also be available for Invoicing if the chargeback information is correct.

3) Import Financial Actuals

    This job only has records for manual transactions  and WIP adjustments (not timesheets).  It posts the quantity and cost back to the assignments.

4) Generate Invoices

   This job will create invoices which then can be charged back to different departments or subscribers.

Additional Information

Here is the basic flow of financials showing the related tables as well:

Note this does not include Invoicing/Chargebacks.