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Report Manager earliest record time


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CA Spectrum


The Data Retention Policy is set to "all data" but the earliest event is only 1 year old. Still, we have records from other tables that are more than 2 years old. 

Is there a limit of events the event table can contain that would explain this?


Release : 10.x and 21.x

Component : Spectrum Reporting


By default, we only retain the one-year event table partitions.
So, though we have longer event retentions for the event table, it will maintain only 365 days of data.
But for the other transformation tables like alarm and outage tables, will maintain based on the retention policy. 
It is because of the schema design. For the event tables, we do maintain the partitions based on the date range. One partition per week data.
For the other tables like alarms and outages, it is a single table and it will maintain all the data in one table itself.