SES Mobile application log collection
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SES Mobile application log collection


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Endpoint Protection


While working with devices enrolled in SES Mobile (management of mobile devices in the ICDm), it becomes necessary to collect the Mobile app log.  


For Android:

1.) Open the SEP Mobile app and tap the burger menu in the upper left.

2.) Go to the Support menu.

3.) Tap on Send Logs.

4.) Provide your Support case number and then tap the send arrow.

5.) An OS prompt will then appear showing available email apps to send the log.  In SES Mobile there is no log upload like there was in SEP Mobile.  Instead the app log can be sent via email, either directly to support, or to another destination first and then uploaded to the case.  

For iOS:

1.) Open the SEP Mobile app and tap the Settings menu button in the lower-right:


2.) Tap the Support menu option:

3.) Tap on Send logs:

Here again you will be prompted with options available on the device to send the log (email, etc...) - please provide the resulting log file to your support engineer.