Storage controller needs to be replaced in storage array
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Storage controller needs to be replaced in storage array


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Security Analytics


If one of the storage array controllers for either the Dell MD3860 or the Netapp E5660 is having a problem or is Offline, you may have to replace the controller.  


If the controller was placed Offline on purpose, you can put the controller back online using SANtricity.

  1. Locate the controller with the big red X on the Hardware tab.
  2. Right click > Advanced > Place > Online

The controller will immediately go back to an Online state, regardless of whether it actually will stay in that state.  Wait for about 5-10 minutes and if the Controller remains Online, then you are done.  If the controller switches back to Offline, you will need to contact technical support for a possible RMA replacement.

If you plan to replace the controller yourself, follow these steps.  The controllers are hot swappable.

  1. Confirm that the controller is showing Offline in SANtricity (Right click > Advanced > Place > Offline)
  2. Do not remove fiber cables
  3. Unseat Controller X
  4. Label and remove fiber cables
  5. Completely remove Controller X
  6. Insert new Controller, but do not fully seat
  7. Confirm that all fiber cables and SFPs are firmly secure and seated all the way.
  8. Slide new controller all the way in.
  9. Wait for a few minutes for the storage array to recognize the new controller.
  10. Reset the controller and redistribute volumes if needed.  See this article for details on this procedure: NON_PREFERRED_PATH on Security Analytics storage