Mobile clients enroll but do not show up in the Endpoint Security portal


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Endpoint Security


After adding your email domain to your Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) domain so you can self-enroll mobile clients, you enroll a client and it appears to work properly client side however the client never shows up in the SES Portal. iOS devices may fail enrollment entirely and say "Please make sure you are connected to the Internet and try again".


If the case of the domain entered as the email domain in SES is different than what users are entering it will not match and they will not show up in the SES domain or may say they need internet.

For example:

You put in the email domain of in your SES Portal

User enrolls with the email address [email protected]

This will result in the enrollment failing on iOS or on Android enrollment working but not showing up.


SES Mobile self-enrollment


Broadcom is investigating this issue and will update this document once this issue is resolved.



Remove the SES email domain and re-add it using lowercase if that is what users will typically use when inputting their email address.