Warning on pre-upgrade check during firmware upgrade
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Warning on pre-upgrade check during firmware upgrade


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When attempting to upgrade the firmware on a Dell MD3860f or Netapp E5660 controller, the pre-upgrade check will first run.  You may get the following error.


The Event Log has too many entries.  This is usually seen in older storage arrays that have logged many messages. The threshold for 'destination driver events' is 10.  


If the storage array is healthy and this is the only message you see, you can either proceed with the firmware upgrade by check the box to "Allow upgrade when the pre-upgrade check fails".  Or you can clear the event log.  

To clear the event log, do the following:

  1. Click the Event Log viewer icon in the upper left corner of SANtricity or MDSM
  2. Wait for the log to load.  This can take several minutes
  3. Once the log has finished loading, click the Clear All button
  4. Enter 'yes' to confirm and click OK
  5. The log will be cleared and the pre-upgrade check can be performed again.